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Sunny’s World Pune – Review

Sunny’s World Pune – The Next Big Thing

Sunny’s world resort in Pune is currently the talk of the town and is relatively quite new. It is known for its famous Ruby Hilltop restaurant. This restaurant boasts to be Pune’s only Hilltop Restaurant and has amazing views.

I came across this place because of the huge Sunny’s World sign atop a hill that lights up at night and can be visible from miles away. We planned an overnight stay and got in touch with the resort. The customer service representative was very helpful and we made our reservations via the phone itself.

Sunny’s World has two stay options:

Moonstone Swiss Chalets

Topaz Luxury Glass Tents

We managed to get a discount and got all three meals plus the stay at a very reasonable rate. The Moonstone Swiss Chalets is what we booked.

Swiss Chalet Room
Swiss Chalet Room

The resort is very accessible as Ola and Uber both have their services in the area.

The check-in time is 2 pm and check out is at 12 pm. We arrived at 12 pm and requested for an early check-in. The rooms were ready by 1pm.

The entire resort is spread across 100 acres of land. There is a golf cart service that is going to be launched for visitors to go around the property. When we were there we spoke to the reception and they arranged a car for us in the evening. The General Manager himself accompanied us throughout the property.

The following are the highlights of the property:

  • Arena – The largest Turf Lawn. This is perfect for a big fat wedding. It has an artificial waterfall as the backdrop and ample lights to keep the party going.
  • Opel – This is a smaller hilltop lawn with great views.
  • Emerald –This is located next to the reception and is the first hilltop poolside lawn in Pune. The pool is an infinity pool that opens out to views of the city.
  • Asia’s Largest Manmade Waterfall – Yes that’s correct, Sunny’s world claims to house this manmade marvel.
  • Kohinoor and Pearl – These are two banquet halls located on the property as well. Kohinoor is the largest banquet hall without a center pillar.
  • Ruby Hilltop – This is the main attraction of the property. The restaurant is a perfect place to celebrate an occasion or have a romantic dinner.
  • Moonstone Swiss Chalets – These beautiful wooden cottages are spacious and extremely well maintained. Every chalet has a private balcony that gives a great hilltop view. We stayed in this and loved the experience. It is just a minute away from the pool and the restaurant.
  • Topaz Glass Tents – These tents are a little away from the main reception and restaurant. We were taken by car to see these tents. Every tent has a cooler inside and not a split A/C. They distance between two of these tents is also quite good as compared to the Swiss Chalets. The highlights of these tents are the unobstructed views and also the retractable roof of the shower that will let you bathe directly under the stars.
  • Water Park – We were told that an entire amusement park was being built and we could see the construction had already started.

When you book the meal package, the breakfast and lunch are served at the main seating area of the Ruby Hilltop whereas the dinner arrangement is a bit different. A buffet is setup beside the Emerald lawn.

The breakfast was really good although the lunch and dinner was not good. I would suggest do not include your meals in the package. Rather, order a la carte from the restaurant as the menu is different for the buffet. Note that the restaurant A La Carte menu is top rated and a must try.

The area between the chalets and the restaurant has a kids play zone and an indoor games room.

The kid’s zone has a bouncy castle and a trampoline. The indoor games are present in a wooden cottage. As you enter there is a pool table along with a foosball table and carom board. The other room has a chess board and a mini air hockey table. There is also a room dedicated to virtual reality gaming. All the games apart from the virtual gaming are free to use for residents and also for restaurant visitors.

The entire resort looks very promising and in a few years will surely be one of the highlights of Pune.

Sunny's Worls at Night
Sunny’s World at Night


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