South Goa a Travel Series (Part II)

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Get to Palolem beach at around 6:30 am to catch the beautiful sunrise over the coconut trees. Just at the entrance of the beach there is a tea stall run by Babu. Do have the bruns (hard buns) along with tea and scrambled eggs. Babu is very welcoming and you are bound to get chatty with him. The moment you step onto the beach you will be bombarded by boatmen quoting prices for a tour that takes you dolphin spotting and then to two islands – Butterfly Island and Honeymoon Island. They quote a cost for the entire package around Rs 2000 to Rs 2500. Make sure you bargain; I struck a deal of Rs 1700 for a trip duration of 2 hours. It was around 7 am and there were very few tourists on the beach. Since I was travelling alone I had the whole boat to myself. The larger the group the cheaper it would be for you.

You will start off with Dolphin spotting, there will be one guide and one boat rider accompanying you and your group. The guide spots the dolphins in a distance and the boat rushes to them and then shuts off the engine so as to not scare the Dolphins away. I was lucky to spot quite a few of the friendly creatures. You will then head to Butterfly Island. Butterfly Island is a very tiny bay nestled between rocks on either side. The water is clear and the sand is clean however you are advised not to swim here as after a few feet from the shore there is a trench. If you arrive early in the morning you can get the entire bay to yourself. Sit for a while, take in the sea breeze and forget your worries. There is a stream that is present in the center of the island that leads into thick foliage. Try and stay away from it as I saw people using it as a restroom. The name is derived as the shape of the rocks in the background looks like the wings of a butterfly. Next up, is Honeymoon Island. During high tide the entire beach is submerged underwater. We went there during high tide and hence could not disembark here. During nights there are parties that happen at the beach and you can rent out a shack to stay overnight.

If you have conveyance at your disposal you can go from the southernmost tip of Goa to the northernmost in a span of about 3 hours. I did not want to rush my trip a lot and just decided to go around South Goa. In the evening of the second day I had booked my stay at Colva and had to leave Palolem by 6:30 pm. So I decided that I will go north up to Cabo De Rama and come back to Palolem by 5 pm to return my scooter and head to Colva by bus. The ride from Palolem to Cabe De Rama took 45 minutes. The roads are well marked, even then I had my google maps on just in case I get off path. 5 minutes before you reach Cabo De Rama fort, you will come across open fields that lead to a cliff. The view from the cliff is spectacular. The water down below is so clear that you can see the rocky sea bed. The cliff is lined with coconut trees. You have to be there to experience the serenity. I just sat at the edge of the cliff for a good half an hour admiring what nature has to offer.

The fort is to the extreme left hand side of the cliff. Before you go there, please go to the right. Once you reach the extreme right hand side you will come across a pathway that takes you down the side of the cliff. It opens up into one of the most beautiful white sand beaches I have seen. This is Cabo De Rama beach. The beach has one hut for the life guard and there is a lagoon that runs through at the back. The lagoon is covered under the canopy of coconut trees. Just lay on the beach get sun tanned, maybe have a picnic here under trees with your friends. Clear blue water makes it irresistible to take a dip and just feel like floating there all day. I then went on to visit the fort. I went on towards the fort from the beach. Cabo De Rama fort is the largest and one of the oldest forts of Goa. There is the church of Santo Antonio inside the fort. The church is in brilliant condition and is still used by devotees. The cliffs of the fort drop directly into the sea. You get a panoramic view of the Colva and Cancona stretches of South Goa.

After witnessing the breathtaking views from Cabo De Rama I began heading back South towards Palolem. The next beach I stopped at was like a piece of heaven. Cola beach nestled beyond a hill this place is paradise. This is by far the best beach I visited in South Goa. Cola is situated 14 km south of Cabo De Rama. You will see a dirt road exit at the side of the highway that leads to the beach. Take proper care while handling a two wheeler here as it is very bumpy. The beach has a clear blue lagoon as the river flows into the sea. Sometimes during high tide the warm salty water of the sea mixes with the cool sweet water of the river. There are just two resorts on the beach and they are quite expensive. Cola beach has soft golden sand and the lagoon is lined with terraced coconut trees. Do not miss out on visiting this beach, it is totally worth the effort it takes to find.

It was 2:30 pm by now and I started to get hungry. There are just two shacks to eat at on Cola beach and they are not light on the pocket. So, I suggest that you head to the nearby Agonda beach. Agonda is a slightly more commercial beach and has a substantial amount of tourists. On the approach road to the beach I stopped at a restaurant and had a fish thali along with fish steak for only Rs. 300. The beach has a number of huts that you can rent out and stay at. I took a nap on one of the beach chairs before returning back to Palolem. I reached Palolem at 5:30 pm and returned my scooter to Shubham. At his place I met a fellow solo traveler from Pune Sabyasachi. He is a freelance travel photographer and blogger. He was to rent the scooter after me and offered to drop me at the Canacona bus stand. I took a bus to Margao at 6:30pm, the cost of the ticket was Rs 30.

Stay tuned for the next part that begins at Colva 😀

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