Why now is the best time to learn digital marketing in India?

Internet usage in India is on a steady increase. Our honorable Prime Minister, Sri. Narendra Modi has also put forth his vision for a digital India. Looking at this trend all major companies are starting to create their presence online. Here’s where digital marketing comes into picture. With a properly planned online content strategy and a well optimized ad campaign a business or company can reach a large audience at a very minimal cost. Approximately one billion dollars have been spent on digital marketing in India and this number is only on the rise. The job potential in this field is great; almost every business or company is onboarding digital marketers to keep up with their competition.

How can you learn digital marketing in India online?

There are a number of blogs and courses online that you can follow and develop your skills. A few of the leading sites are,,, and You can also refer to youtube video tutorials on digital marketing.

The complication in studying from various sources arises personally, since I am already in a full-time job and also run my travel blog I find it hard to devote time to search through different sites and piece together information in order to learn digital marketing. Also, just theoretical knowledge isn’t enough to get you job ready. You have to get your hands dirty and learn from your mistakes as and when you put your skills to the test.

Why did I choose the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program by Udacity ?

The Digital Marketing Nanodegree program by Udacity  helps to build an overall understanding of Digital Marketing. It follows a structured and practical approach which motivates my learning.

Advantages of the Nanodegree program:

1. This program is made by partnerships with industry leaders like Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Moz, and MailChimp, who are leaders across the entire digital marketing ecosystem.

2. Udacity believes in hands on learning. Over the course of the program you will be completing 9 projects in various domains of digital marketing. These projects can be used as an online portfolio for recruiters.

3. The hiring partners for India are Paytm, Razorpay, Zomato, Zoomcar and Instamojo.
4. You will be assigned a mentor who will help you throughout the course. There are also forums for students to discuss their projects and doubts.

5. Udacity provides personalized support right from the enrollment to placements.

The more creative you are the better digital marketer you will be! So why not get started right away in building your digital marketing career. Digital Marketing Nanodegree

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