Hi! I am Andrew. Growing up in Mumbai, India I wasn’t a travel enthusiast up until recently. Here in India travel is still considered a luxury for the rich and travelling solo is questioned to a great extent. The ideal life according to society here is to go to college, establish yourself in life, save a lot of money for the future and then travel or explore your interests. But, while we are so worried about our future we tend to forget that we need to live every moment as we do not know what the future holds. 

I was tired of the usual routine, so after I graduated from college I took my first solo trip to Bangalore to watch India play against Oman in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. This trip, even though it was just for a week taught me a lot. Travel breaks stereotypes. Travel makes you rich with experiences no amount of money can buy.

Through my blog I will share my travel experiences, travel tips and tell you about the amazing people I have come across.